Investment disputes

Shareholder disputes
Obstacles to liquidity transactions
Production of investment documentation
Asset and liability guarantees
Management package
Safeguarding measures
Protection of confidential information
Contractual and criminal liability
Wrongful termination of negotiations

From disappointing investments that fail to live up to expectations to unfair conduct of negotiations, unlawful appropriation of know-how, failure to comply with disclosure obligations to the detriment of the investor, the target in terms of the initial valuation or feasibility of the business’s plans, a shareholder who blocks a liquidity process or is unlawfully forced to sell their assets (securities or real estate) or expresses reservations over the price calculation, we assist our clients in disputes that relate specifically to investment transactions.

  • Wrongful termination of negotiations
  • Use of contractual or statutory guarantees post-acquisition or post-investment
  • Disputes between partners
  • Compliance with non-competition, inducing breach of employment contract and non-solicitation clauses
  • Confidentiality of information exchanged in the context of an investment project
  • Unfair competition