Corporate taxation

Corporation tax
Tax integration
Value-added tax
Local taxation
Tax inspections
Partnerships – Business reorganisation

We support our clients with all the tax situations businesses are likely to encounter, in an advisory capacity and in the case of litigation.

We also help our clients to structure their investments from a tax perspective.

  • Support for businesses in managing their day-to-day taxation
    • Taxation of business profits
    • Tax integration: set-up and monitoring
    • Tax on turnover (VAT)
    • Tax on corporate capital (local direct taxes and stamp duty)
    • International taxation: tax on financial transactions with individuals abroad
  • Support for one-off transactions
    • Business restructuring (merger, demerger, partial merger)
    • External growth: holdings, project organisation, etc.
    • Setting up abroad
  • Business transfers
    • Set-up and implementation of the business transfer strategy (assignment, handover, etc.)
  • Tax inspection assistance