Intellectual Property | Digital

Designs and models
Research and development / technology transfer
Personal data
Privacy / Image rights

Digital technology and the computerisation of our economies and everyday lives have put the law on intellectual property, intangible and digital assets at the heart of corporate strategies.

In terms of intangible assets (trademarks, drawings and models, patents, copyright, know-how, etc.), we help our clients to:

  • defend their intangible property in the case of forgery or unfair competition
  • manage and exploit their assets through brand portfolio management, licensing, concession and publishing contracts, research, development and technology transfer agreements, software and platform contracts (SaaS, cloud, etc.)
  • purchase, sell and hold assets in the most tax-efficient way.


We also support our clients’ handling of personal data according to the law:

  • data collection and retention
  • using data in a commercial, public health, legal or judicial context
  • defining roles and responsibilities within the business, given the sensitivity of these issues in terms of image and responsibility
  • advice on any actions that need to be taken (formalities, provision of information, contracts and appointment of a Data Protection Officer)
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) implementation


We can also assist our clients on their business’s digital environment:

  • domain name management and protection
  • design, use and maintenance of their website, platforms and other networks
  • statutory notices and conditions of use
  • hosting and publication responsibilities
  • special procedures with the French data protection authority (CNIL)
  • marketing products and services on the internet and social media