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Incorporation & assistance
Profit-sharing for executives and directors
Intra-group relationships

Electronic signatures
Automated management of formalities and publications

We assist our clients with their plans to create a business and advise them on the important choice of the right structure to adopt.

We advise them on the most appropriate legal form for the company at the time it is formed, based on our clients’ plans and their personal situation (in particular, company form, capital structure, choice of management package, tax and corporate aspects related to the various types of structure, existing terms of office, etc.).

We then provide a comprehensive range of legal services for companies, covering every aspect of corporate life,  from day-to-day operations (approval of the accounts, tracking terms of office, monitoring changes in the law around governance, etc.) to more complex transactions, such as restructuring (mergers, demergers and partial mergers) and equity transactions.

Our services in more detail:

  • Advice on choosing, maintaining and changing the appropriate legal form for the business, its subsidiaries or holding tangible and intangible assets
  • Capital increases and issuing simple or complex marketable securities
  • Intra-group/intra-company relationships (joint ventures, cash management and service agreements, tax integration)
  • Corporate governance (internal regulations of the board of directors and supervisory board, audit, remuneration and nomination committees)
  • Profit-sharing for directors and managers
  • Civil, criminal and ethical status and responsibilities of directors and entities, if applicable
  • Planning for obligatory annual events
  • Legal secretarial services, assistance with board and committee meetings, general meetings, minutes and legal follow-up
  • Paralegal compliance (company records and share registers, disclosure and registration formalities, KYC and dealing with conditions precedent in relation to investments)

Finally, as part of our commitment to providing our clients with access to the new digital tools available as soon as possible, we have introduced a “Companies & Groups” service, a fully online solution using certified electronic signatures. Clients who use this service benefit from a more streamlined approach to certain procedures when setting up and running their companies, with the reassurance of full support from legal professionals.